Opening the doors for tomorrow’s leaders.


Investing in girls and women is the ripple effect that changes lives, communities and entire nations.


What do we do?

We design and build training programs, facilities and social enterprises to ensure the girls and women we work with become well equipped, empowered and active members of society, in India through our local partner NGO.



We work with 25 girls under the age of 15 and are committed to giving the best start in life: high quality education, safe housing, nourishment and a lot of support.



We aim to provide training and support for women in need, to overcome inequality and gain confidence and independence within their community.


The Elderly

We create nourishing and stimulating environments for our resident elderly to live with dignity and love.


Some of our projects

Sathyam Cafe

We set out to build a social enterprise restaurant with four main aims: generate funds for education, give employment to women, engage the elderly and create a big community space. And we succeeded!

Sathyam Empowerment Centre

Now for our next big project: a multipurpose space facilitating: training programs for our women, a study space for our girls, landscaped gardens for our elderly to sit in and a green roof to mitigate the heat in summer.


Our Journal


KKSS: Best Institute for Women’s Rights

In 2016, KKSS won the award in Tamil Nadu, a state of over 70 million people, Best Institute for Women's Rights.

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Today’s girls. Tomorrow’s women changing the narrative in India.

To change the story of women in India, we must teach the students of today how to lead. Be part of our journey as we support the highest quality education for girls and rehabilitation of women.