The Sathyam Project

Opening the doors for tomorrow’s leaders.

Investing in girls and women is the ripple effect that changes lives, communities and entire nations.


We're building a cafe in South India with the purpose of generating long lasting income and to teach skills to disadvantaged women.




Our aim is to create sustainable income for education costs of the girls and skills training and work experience for the women.



Creating an income stream will enable KKSS to focus on where they are needed - creating better lives for girls and women. 



We are partnering with KKSS, a social welfare organisation that supports disadvantaged girls, women and elderly in Chennai.


Latest Updates


KKSS: Best Institute for Women's Rights

In 2016, KKSS won the award in Tamil Nadu, a state of over 70 million people, Best Institute for Women's Rights.

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KKSS girls

Why is India so harsh on female population?

Despite India moving on from a poor country into a middle income economy, it's still of the most dangerous places to be born a girl.

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Today’s girls. Tomorrow’s women changing the narrative in India.

To change the story of women in India, we must teach the students of today how to lead. Be part of our journey as we support the highest quality education for girls and rehabilitation of women.