We are a passionate team committed to equal opportunities for girls and women in India.


Saskia Rysenbry

Project Director

Visual designer and social entrepreneur, Saskia has been living and working remotely all over the world since 2012 and working in India since 2010. She started the Sathyam Project in 2014. 

Rajini Devi

KKSS Head Administrator

Rajini has been the Head Administrator since 2002 and has ensured a high level of quality in education and rehabilitation for hundreds of girls and women who have been through the programs with KKSS.

Andi Cuddington  

Director of the Board

Andi is a community change catalyst and organizational development consultant who focuses on helping organizations create cultures of learning, developing innovative leaders and resilient teams to drive positive social impact. She is incredibly passionate about using her skills to help women help themselves through projects such as the Sathyam Cafe.

Martin McGeough


Martin McGeough