We are a passionate team committed to equal opportunities for girls and women in India.


Saskia Rysenbry

Project Director

Social designer and entrepreneur, Saskia has been living and working remotely all over the world since 2012 and working in India since 2010. She started the Sathyam Project in 2014. 


Sam Zabell

Project Advisor

Rajini Devi

KKSS Head Administrator

Rajini has been the Head Administrator since 2002 and has ensured a high level of quality in education and rehabilitation for hundreds of girls and women who have been through the programs with KKSS.

Carolina Pererira

Co-Director of the Board

Carolina is a storyteller for the United Nations because the believes that stories change mindsets and shape cultures. She has also been working with gender equality, women's rights and inclusion and implemented HeForShe in Portugal.

Kaleigh Tirone Nunes

Member of the Board

Kaleigh is a leader in sustainable fashion in Portugal and has been on the Sathyam Association board since 2018.